How Do I Select a Surrogate Mother?

surrogate mother

How Do I Select a Surrogate Mother?

What’s the trick to choosing the best surrogate mother?

Many prospective parents worry about the idea of letting another woman take care of the most important human in their lives. Many people going through this ask similar questions. How do I choose the best surrogate for my baby? How does it work to have a baby through surrogacy? Today we will ease your worries and give you our best advice for selecting the right surrogate for your family.

Medical Considerations

Before approving a potential surrogate, New Fertility will review the last five to ten years of their medical history. We will pay particular attention to her past pregnancies and ensure that there were no complications that could hinder the birth of your newest family member. This will greatly decrease the possible health risks and ensure that surrogate mom and baby are as safe as possible. 


Another critical medical consideration is the mental health of the surrogate mother. We need to ensure that any potential surrogates understand the gravity of their decision to act as a surrogate.


Once a potential surrogate passes all of these screenings, their profiles will be brought to you. Once you have selected a surrogate that you are interested in, we will invite both parties to an in-person meeting to build confidence. Once that confidence is achieved, we will forward the surrogate’s medical records to the IVF clinic for pre-approval. 


The surrogate mother will meet the team in the clinic for an examination and help her get prepared to adopt the embryo. Then the process begins!

Daily Health

We ensure that surrogate mothers are clear on the expectations surrounding their health during pregnancy. A balanced list of food across the food pyramid should be common in their shopping lists! For the parents who select our VIP bundle, we will deliver food packs every month with the guidance of a licensed nutritionist. 


We also ask that surrogate mothers maintain their workout habits throughout the pregnancy. Walking, jogging, yoga, and other light exercises are perfect for pregnant women! 

Personality Match

While we take care of the medical side of things, please spend some time to evaluate whether or not the personality of your surrogate suits you and your family. There is no right or wrong, but it is important that you decide whether or not this is the person to house your new baby. 

Let Us Guide Your Process

It’s not complicated to choose a surrogate mother. All you need is trust! Trust our team to provide you professional service and your surrogate mother to provide you with your newest addition. We will achieve your dream together!